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Go Chemless Inc, is the result of a bad experience that turned out well. Richard was concerned about his family being exposed to Chlorine and the byproducts of all the chemicals that go into a swimming pool. Richard purchased a Saltwater System thinking that is was healthier than traditional Chlorine. After a couple of years, the Salt Cell Generator overheated, melted and nearly burned down his home. Concerned and very upset by this event, he contacted his local pool store. Richard was informed that there was a known issue with the popular Salt Cell System and the manufacturer had put out a voluntary recall for this model. Unfortunately, the manufacture only had a one (1) year warranty for their Saltwater Systems, if Richard wanted to replace his Salt System he would have to spend another $1,600.00 and pay an additional $200.00 for installation.

Using the power of the internet, Richard started doing research on Saltwater Systems and learned that they are not Chlorine free systems as he was lead to believe by the salesman. In fact, the Saltwater Systems are exactly the same as traditional Chlorine based pools after all. Richard stumbled across a sanitization process that NASA used in the space programs that sanitized drinking water. Upon further research, he discovered that the concepts from NASA had been applied to the swimming pool industry as swimming pool ionizers with not much fan fair due to the fact they lacked computer intelligence to make logical and intelligent decisions. The Pool Ionizers all seemed to be very cumbersome, manual, knobs and dials to consistently adjust, ongoing rod cleaning, switching wire polarities, the list goes on and on. While the concept seemed perfect to use natural ions to sanitize water, it really lacked intelligence.

Richard contacted his lifelong friend Michael Self. Michael has been a system engineer, programmer and electronics designer for over 35 years. Richard and Michael decided to collaborate together to design the world’s first intelligent Bio Sanitizer for swimming pools. As fate or chance would have it, Richard and Michael met Dr. Russell Betts, who is an Organic Chemist. Dr. Betts, Richard and Michael began to work together to take the principles of chemistry and apply it to the real world environment of swimming pools through a series of complex mathematic equations. After much research, development and patent filings, the Go Chemless Bio Sanitizer 138MS came to fruition.

Our mission and goal at Go Chemless is to deliver a safe and natural environment to both consumer and commercial market swimming pool owners to enjoy their family swimming outings without being exposed to all the dangerous chemicals that go into the chemical soup that we call a traditional swimming pool.

At Go Chemless, we are committed to make sure that you receive a fantastic product and outstanding customer service. We are available 7 days a week to answer your questions and offer assistance.