Uncover why chlorine treated & salt water pools are NOT healthy…

“You Wouldn’t Bathe In

Salt or Bleach,

So Why On Earth Would You

Swim In It?”

“Finally… Enjoy Pure, Clean, Crystal Clear
Pool Water – Using 90% LESS Chlorine!”

Chlorine treated & salt water pools are NOT healthy…
and they sure are expensive to maintain!

“Why Haven’t You Been Told These Facts
About Your Chlorinated Pool Water?”

Enjoy Pure, Clean, Crystal Clear Pool Water –
Using 90% LESS Chlorine!

Own a pool? Then you know how much pure fun and delight you and your family enjoy in it. This is especially true in the sunbelt states, when the weather allows swimming outside almost every month of the year!

But as every pool owner knows, you simply must keep that water filtered and clean – 24/7. Don’t take the proper care, and instead of a refreshing, invigorating dip in the water, you’ll be swimming in a virtual sea of bacteria and slime.

If you’re like almost every other pool owner, you’ve been told there are only two ways for keeping your pool water safe – chlorine or salt. And yes, both will do the job of fending off dangerous microorganisms, mold, slime and murk.

But here is what you’re not being told:

  • Chlorine is Great for Your Laundry, Not Your Body!
  • Saltwater is Good in the Ocean, Not Your Pool!

Let’s take a look why…

Chlorine Systems – Beware!

Chlorine is the principal component in your household bleach. The one thing chlorine does best is killing living things.

  • As a disinfectant and sanitizer, few chemicals can match the power of pure chlorine in destroying bacteria and viruses. In extremely tiny amounts, it makes our water safe to drink.
  • Chlorine oxidizes and destroys organic material – such as human sweat and body oils.
  • Chlorine deters algae and mold – the slime you feel on the sides of a pool wall.

But the concentration of chlorine in your typical pool system is anything but tiny. In fact, it’s huge.

Chlorine is Toxic

Chlorine doesn’t just sit on your skin – it’s absorbed right into your pores and breathed into your lungs. A known cancer causer, here’s the short list of what else chlorine can do to:

  • Red, burning itchy eyes – When chlorine reacts with the ammonia through sweat and urine, it forms chloramines – which are especially damaging to your eyes.
  • Brittle, listless hair and hair loss – Chlorine strips away your hair’s natural oils, leaving it stiff and weak. It can also affect the hair follicles, speeding up hair loss.
  • Dry itchy, irritated skin – What chlorine is doing to the organic material floating around in your pool, it’s also doing to your skin! Chlorine destroys Vitamin E and polyunsaturated fatty acids which are vital to healthy skin. Have you ever noticed that Olympic class swimmers often have aged looking complexions? Chlorine is the culprit.
  • Acne – This is something most of us never realize, chlorine can make acne outbreaks worse. This is especially troubling for your teens!
  • Chlorine gas is toxic! The chlorine gasses off from the water, forming a dangerous vapor cloud of toxic gases called Trihalomethane. Concentrating in the air you breathe, it is especially strong in the first 6 to 8 inches above the water line, right where your head is! If you find yourself coughing when in an enclosed pool area, this is why – the chlorine gas is affecting and irritating your lungs.

These are just some of the more frequent complaints when using chlorine. This is why more people are turning to saltwater systems, thinking it a healthier alternative. Unfortunately, it’s not.

Saltwater Systems – Chlorine in Disguise!

Ever wonder how saltwater systems work?

The salt infused pool water is forced through a high power cell, which sounds all good and dandy, except for this one inconvenient fact: What comes out after this method is… Chlorine!

If you think you were avoiding the hazards of chlorine by using saltwater systems, your efforts were all in vain. In fact, saltwater systems typically PRODUCE MORE CHLORINE than conventional chlorinated systems.


Chlorine Comparisons:

So… how much chlorine is in your pool?

Chlorine concentrations are measured in PPM – or Parts Per Million.

  • Standard chlorine pools have between 4 to 20 PPM of chlorine in the water.
  • Salt chlorinated pools have 4 to 9 PPM! (Because they are ALWAYS making chlorine!)

It’s funny, isn’t it? Many of us go out of our way to purchase filtered water or kitchen tap filters for trapping out the chlorine – but then think nothing of jumping into a pool and literally go swimming in the stuff!


You want to have fun, enjoyment and even exercise in your pool – and not worry about you and your family’s health. But is there a practical, cost-effective and SAFE way for keeping your pool water clean and healthy, without the dangers and ill-effects of chlorination?

Yes, there is, and it’s called…

Go Chemless™ The first practical NASA spinoff ionization system for creating the purest, clearest, healthiest pool water you will ever experience… GUARANTEED!

Important – Watch This Factual News Video:

ABC News

Go Chemless™ on ABC News

Why Go Chemless™ Is VASTLY Superior to

Conventional Pool Systems

The sole purpose of having a pool water sanitization system is for keeping the water clean and healthy. It’s a huge business here in the USA – pulling in $$46 BILLION DOLLARS a year.

The chemical companies producing the chlorine and saltwater systems want to keep this gravy-train running as long and as smoothly as possible. They’re not about to advise pool companies, pool stores or pool maintenance services about any alternatives. They have too good a thing going!

But here’s the thing you’re not being told:

You can have clean, crystal clear, healthy pool water with almost no chlorine at all – with Go Chemless™. It’s safe, effective and proven. Not only that, but the Go Chemless™ system will even pay for itself over the course of just a few seasons of pool use. (If you’re a heavy chlorine user like those with larger or public pools, Go Chemless™ can pay for itself in less than a single year!)

In fact, Go Chemless™ is:

  • Fast acting…
  • Cleaner, and
  • More Time Efficient than the chlorine or salt water pool sanitization systems you are now using.

And what’s even better, it’s practically hands free! Once set up, your pool water is kept clean day and night, without you lifting a finger – no more toting heavy canisters or bags of caustic chlorine.

How Go Chemless™ Works

The core of the Go Chemless™ system is a process called ionization. Instead of using caustic chlorine to disinfect the pool water, we use both safe and effective copper and silver ions. The great benefits about copper and silver is that unlike chlorine, they have been shown to be completely safe for humans.

  • These metallic ions are proven anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-algae and anti-viral agents. You may not have known it, but copper and silver have been used for thousands of years for keeping water pure and fit to drink. In fact, early American pioneers used to keep a copper penny in their barrel of drinking water when traveling by covered wagon across the great West. That small amount of copper assured the safety of the water – even weeks into the journey.
  • The copper and silver ions generated by the Go Chemless™ system interact with the outer membranes of bacteria, fungus and viruses. This interference quickly leads to the loss of membrane integrity – and the death of the target organism. In the case of algae, copper prevents photosynthesis – leading to their eradication due to insufficient energy production.
  • With highly resilient pathogens such as Legionella (the bacteria that causes Legionnaire’s Disease) the silver ions bond to and kill these pathogens outright. In fact, many hospitals around the world use copper/silver ionization systems to purify drinking water.

The Ionization “Catch-22” Solved!

The science behind Go Chemless™ has been known for some time. But the problem was this… turning this science into something both practical and hands-free. This was the pitfall no other company could seemingly hurdle – until the Go Chemless™ System was developed.

For the ionization process to work, your pool water must be constantly monitored, and the PRECISE amount of ions added to the water when and as needed. Every previous ionization system had this one fatal flaw – the pool owner had to be the one monitoring the water and activating the sanitization system when necessary.

Obviously, this was a non-starter. Why use something that took more work – even if the results were demonstrably healthier? The object was to enjoy yourself, not become a water filtration management expert!

Go Chemless™ solved this Catch-22 once and for all. By incorporating a robust computer monitoring system working in harmony with the ionization module, you can now turn Go Chemless™ on – and then practically forget it’s even there!

The high-tech sensors are continuously testing the pool water, and precisely adjusting the amount of ions released – far more accurately than any pool technician could ever hope to achieve.

Your pool water is constantly sampled and kept sparkling clean and healthy. You do what you’re supposed to do… swim and enjoy!

Want a more detailed explanation? Please click here: How Go Chemless Works

Installation is Easy!

Basically, you simply install the sanitization chamber (where the copper and silver ion rods are located) right after the pump. The sanitization unit is then quickly connected to the Go Chemless™ Computer Control Module.

Your pool water flows through the sanitization unit which is monitored 24/7 by the computer, and the exact amount of sanitizing is determined. The copper and silver ions are released, your pool water is cleansed and purified – and then flows back into the pool.

After installation, the system basically takes care of itself. About the ONLY maintenance you perform is changing the sanitation rods when the computer tells you to. Simply swap out the old rods with the new, and you’re set to go. For standard pools, one set of rods should last one to two years!

If you’re at all nervous about doing the installation yourself – don’t be. We have detailed videos showing you step by step the entire procedure. Of course, you can always get a professional plumber if you like. The entire installation shouldn’t take an individual no more than a half hour or so. It will be time very well spent!

Go Chemless™ is the Affordable Alternative!

All too often I run across a great product and think that’s just what I’ve been looking for… until I see the price tag! Let’s be real here, cost is a huge consideration, especially in our current economy.

This is where you’re going to be pleasantly surprised. The entire Go Chemless™ Pool Sanitizing System is well within any pool owner’s budget.

The entire package is just $1,297. (Order Now!)

That’s it! Your only other costs would be the two replacement rods every year or so (the unit will let you know when they should be changed – average life is 18 months for a year-round home pool) and one 3” 7 day TriChlor tablet of chlorine to help activate the water so the Go Chemless™ ions can do their magic.


Go Chemless™ Simply Makes Sense!

In just three years, your Go Chemless™ system should pay for itself! Year round pool owners should save approximately $400 a year in chemical costs alone with our system.

Plus, think of the health advantages for you and your family…

  • No more red, itchy eyes
  • No more dried out skin
  • No more brittle hair
  • No more of that hacking “swimmer’s cough”
  • No more exposure to caustic cancer causing chemicals

You’ll be able to jump in your pool into crystal clear, algae free water – and finally just relax, enjoy and have fun!


Just imagine never having to lug those heavy canisters of chlorine from the store to your pool – ever again! Also realize since you won’t be storing jugs of chlorine, you won’t have to keep that dangerous stuff under lock and key and away from your kids and their friends anymore. (Yes, kids do stupid things! Remember…?)

Best of all, your pool water will be kept fresh and sparkling clean, with no more worries on your part. Of course, you’ll still have to do normal weekly maintenance like vacuuming out leaves, debris and clean the pool filter – but that will be so with any system.

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In Case You Were Wondering…

Whenever a truly great innovation hits the market, it seems the naysayers come out of the woodwork and do their darnedest to denigrate and make fun of it.

Go Chemless™ hasn’t escaped this all too common fate!

— We’ve seen online “evaluations” and “first-hand accounts” calling pool water ionization process everything under the sun that wasn’t what you would call complementary. Some lump Go Chemless™ with older systems that don’t have the computer control unit – in effect comparing a pedal cart to an automobile or an apple to a zucchini!

— Others we suppose are pool chemical companies – not really thrilled at seeing their chlorine profits fly out their rear door.

— One is even by a disgruntled former employee.

It all goes with the territory. We’re not about to spend countless hours and major bucks trying to refute every less than favorable mention on the web. It’s not only pointless, but fruitless. We’d rather spend our time and money into making sure our customers are always totally and absolutely satisfied and happy.


30 Day Guarantee 30 Day “Prove It For Yourself” Guarantee!

If you are at all worried Go Chemless™ won’t live up to every word you’ve just read, here’s what…

Try it for yourself risk-free! Order Go Chemless™ today. Install the unit as directed. If you don’t notice a HUGE difference in the quality of your pool water, if you aren’t thoroughly delighted with the ease and simplicity of the Go Chemless™ system, just let us know. Return the items to us and we’ll give you a complete, no-hassle, no quibble refund.

Fair enough? 5 Year Limited WarrantyAnd what’s more, we GUARANTEE Go Chemless™ to operate without a hitch for FIVE ENTIRE YEARS! (Of course, this doesn’t cover the rod replacements.)

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 We’re Local and Live!

Go Chemless™ is proud to be a local Florida-based manufacturing company located in Fort Lauderdale. And yes, we’re real people and not marketing avatars conjured up out of nowhere.

Here are the key players:

  • Dr. Russell Betts, Ph.D. – Organic Chemist and Professor. With over 10+ years in cancer research, Dr. Betts has been instrumental in developing the science and the application of our Go Chemless™ product.
  • Michael Self – 30 years’ experience as a software and hardware engineer, Michael proudly holds an impressive array of software patents, while also creating the proprietary software and hardware controls for monitoring a pool’s water purity.

If you have any questions whatsoever, give us a call. And don’t be at all surprised if your inquiry is answered by me personally – Michael Self, President of Go Chemless™.

Here’s our toll-free number: 855 424 3653.

I’d be pleased to help you solve your pool sanitizing problems in any way I can.


Sincerest regards,

Michael Self (and daughter Meredith)

P.S. Go Chemless™ first introduced our advanced pool water sanitizing system in 2010. Three years later, thousands of thrilled pool owners throughout the United States and internationally now enjoy the freshest, cleanest, clearest water they’ve ever experienced. I’m looking forward for you to be the next smart pool owner making the decision to ditch the dangerous chlorine-blues once and for all!

P.P.S. Commercial Pool Owners – reduce your current pool chemical expenses by 50% – saving you an average of $3,000 a year. In effect, Go Chemless™ will pay for itself in LESS than one season!

Call us to find out more: 855 424 3653.

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